Budgeting and Planning for Business Done Right.
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Free yourself from unwieldy and error-prone spreadsheets and an outdated budgeting process

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Financial planning for business

A powerful and intuitive financial planning tool

You want your business to be agile and successful. Your knack for thinking quickly, collaborating together and acting on new ideas keeps things moving forward. For dynamic organizations like yours, we simplify the building and sharing of accurate financial budgeting models in ways that are as easy to interpret as they are to create, maintain and share. Utilize fresh and reliable data to drill deeper into the details of your business … all without the complicated clunkiness of traditional spreadsheets.

budgeting and planning for business

Build your own budget structure, track progress and crystalize next steps

  • Easily import data from existing spreadsheets. Step-by-step creation of an accurate model that precisely fits your business.
  • Identify your departments, geographies, employees and revenue streams.
  • Perform detailed calculations with standard models or create your own.
  • Visualize your plan through a customized dashboard and secure, permissions hierarchy.

Accessible anywhere, anytime within a single cloud-based solution

Financial data simplified


Seamlessly organize the drivers, details, inputs and outputs of your financial plan and budget, and effectively manage overall financial performance.

Organization tool for financial planning


Easily collaborate with department heads, present to management, and create what-if scenarios and sensitivity analyses.

Financial planning collaboration


Integrate with accounting systems to track budget vs. actuals, and manage budget iterations that continually adapt to your financial plans.

Liberate Your Business

  • Eliminate version control worries – Budgeta tracks all changes and lets you create multiple variants and scenarios within a single budget.
  • Decrease dependence on email sharing – Collaborate in real time on a single, active budget within the office or around the world.
  • Avoid embarrassing errors – Seamlessly and systematically tie all of your data and financial statements together.
  • Execute the job that matters – Forget about building a cumbersome spreadsheet infrastructure and focus your attention on exploiting business opportunities and quantifying risks.