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Budgeta has arrived!

Author: Dalia Jeffery / On: 24 January

Being a successful startup in a competitive environment requires agile budgeting, planning and performance management. A startup needs to have a solid plan, produce the right reports for management and investors, model its business accurately, track performance vs. actuals and have the ability to keep multiple scenarios and versions. The main tool currently available for startups is the spreadsheet. Familiar as it is, it has just too many problems: lack of version control, inability to collaborate efficiently, excessive time spent on creating models and reports, and above all, errors, errors and more errors.

Here at Budgeta, we’ve decided to put an end to this and created a SaaS self-service app that will change the way startups do budgeting, planning, and performance management. Since we began two years ago, we’ve created a beautiful and accessible platform, and worked with dozens of companies that gave us invaluable feedback. Thanks to them, we believe that we have the most complete platform for startups, and are ready to let the world know!

Don’t be fooled by its beauty. Budgeta is powerful, and has everything you may require for your financial needs. Start working easily by importing existing spreadsheets or using our template. See and present a 360° view of your financials with a full set of customizable reports (cash, P&L, Balance sheet). Easily model business aspects while managing assumptions and using an error-free formula editor. Work collaboratively on either the full budget or simply a section of it, assigning users permissions and tracking their changes. Auto-save versions and manually take snapshot, for a full audit trail and easy recovery. Run multiple what-if scenarios, and easily compare them to your original plan. Track your budget vs. actuals, with imported transactions and balances from ERP, accounting systems and banks.
Check out our features page for a full list of capabilities.

Be sure to sign up for Budgeta for free. Our basic plan is free and we offer a 30 day free trial for our premium plans.

Stay tuned for more to come…

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