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Can you do it with a spreadsheet? Analyzing and presenting assumptions sensitivity with Budgeta

Author: Dalia Jeffery / On: 10 February

As your business terrain constantly changes, being ready for any scenario is a must. Following Budgeta’s “What-If scenario” analysis feature, we wanted to provide an even more agile way to plan for possible futures. We’re excited to share a brand new tool, which will give you the ability to instantly view and assess how changes in your assumptions will impact your KPIs.

How the Interactive Dashboard Works

When creating your budget, one of the first stops is setting your business models and metrics, starting with your budget assumptions. These are the drivers for many of your model calculations. In Budgeta, this is done under the ‘model’ tab.

Assumptions and KPIs.

Now you have everything set. You’ve created various models and calculations, generated a dashboard and the time has came to dig deeper and analyze and assess how changes in your assumptions will affect your budget and KPIs. This isn’t a simple, straightforward task when it comes to a spreadsheet.

Example please.

We’ll use a simple example of a model we’ve named the “Online campaign”, which uses three assumptions in order to build the campaign plan.

  • Cost Per Lead – $3.5
  • Conversion Rate – 2%
  • Ave Revenue Per User -$50

After setting your budget assumptions, go to the Dashboard tab to create a new interactive dashboard. There you’ll select said assumptions and the Dashboard widgets – all on the same screen.

In order to see how changes to the assumption will impact your plan, simply enter a different value. For this example, we’ll use 3%. For the conversion rate.

This change will instantly update your dashboard widgets, and will present two, separate sets of data: your original budget plan, and a modified one, calculated from the changes you’ve made.

What’s next?

Click on the video below to learn more about how to build an Interactive dashboard.

We also offer other customizations options for your dashboard. Go to our help section in-app or directly visit our YouTube Channel for more How- to videos.


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