The secret to simplicity is all the features you need, exactly when you need them

Budget Creation

  • Easily adjustable line items
  • Vast array of available built-in financial models
  • Ability to create custom models
  • Comprehensive modeling

Budget Creation

Easily adjustable line items

Predefined templates, easy-to-use wizards and import tools for your existing spreadsheets are all available to quickly start creating your budget line items. Have it be a small company budget, a department budget or a budget by geography and more. Changing your line items and account tree in your budget is easy with the drag and drop feature.

Vast array of available built-in financial models

Use predefined, accurate and comprehensive built-in modeling tools for P&L, Balance Sheet, depreciation schedules, expense allocations, revenue recognition schedules and much more. No need to write or maintain impossible-to-trace formulas for every standard budgeting feature.

Ability to create custom models

Create your own models with spreadsheet-like visual tools to calculate your own business metrics with your own specific drivers and calculations: such as subscription revenue, revenues by customer cohorts, hiring requirements or travel expenses by department. Easily state your assumptions and drivers, and compute values with our advanced visual formula editor which will protect you from computational errors. Models can take data from lines in the budget, compute values, add data to the budget and display data on the dashboard. Budgeta’s models are easy to read and our budget navigator will show you dependencies and help navigate between dependent lines and formulas.

Comprehensive Headcount Modeling

Manage employee and contractors headcount in a single easy to use table. Model start date, termination date, base salary, bonus, employee ID, benefits, location, salary change and allocation of costs for individuals or groups. Set assumptions for the entire company or specific departments. Filter employees by department or geography and easily manage new hires.

Comprehensive Revenue Modeling

Easily define recurring revenues with separate booking, billing, and payments dates. Each revenue stream can be linked to a geography or product. Predefined revenue models are available for SaaS, subscriptions, services as well as perpetual licenses and support maintenance including renewal streams with different churn rates. You can specify P&L recognition versus cash timing for each booking item.

Comprehensive Expense Modeling

Budgeta auto-calculates and auto-fills the amounts each period when you define the expense’s start and end date, frequency and period over which the expense occurs. Each expense can be linked to a department, geography or product.
Expenses can be independently entered, derived from other lines by calculation or derived from headcount. You can model your amortization schedule by defining the expense’s service date, frequency, amount and number of years to amortize. Efficiently allocate expenses based on headcount or percentage without having to create formulas.


Each budget line can be related to one or more dimensions, which includes geography, department and product. For maximum agility you can choose to fill-in just one dimension or all or split an account between two dimensions of the same type. And, of course, reports can be viewed and produced by any dimensional element.


Work with the currency or currencies of your choice. Switch the currency for any account, department or geography. Use our automatic conversion rates or enter your own assumptions.


  • Dashboards
  • Financial Reports
  • Scenarios, actuals, and side by side reporting
  • Instant sensitivity analysis



View your company’s performance at a glance via colorful and informative graphs and charts. See KPIs like: Cash balance, Revenue growth and Spending by category. Create multiple dashboards each with different widgets. Select from a wide array of existing and customizable widgets or create your own KPIs using custom models.

Financial Reports

Automatically generated Balance Sheet, Cash and P&L views. and create headcount reports. Each report can be configured by account, department, product, geography or currency.

Scenarios, actuals, and side by side reporting

Select information from the budget, from scenarios, or from actuals to be displayed on the dashboard widgets and financial reports. View side by side comparisons: budget vs. scenario or budget vs. actuals in any report or dashboard widget.

Instant sensitivity analysis

Use any dashboard widget for instant sensitivity analysis: choose an assumption and immediately see how a change in this assumption will affect each KPI on the dashboard.

On-line, Excel and PDF reports

See each report and KPI on-line and share them with management and investors. Produce Excel or PDF for a single report or a selection of reports. Budgeta’s PDF is ready to be sent as a package: with a cover page, table of contents and a selection of customized reports.


  • Importing and inputting actuals
  • Pre-defined import definitions for use with various accounting software
  • Budget vs. actuals reporting


Importing and inputting actuals

Actuals can be imported from a spreadsheet by using our easy auto-mapping feature. You can also import actuals by customizing the mapping manually. Budgeta remembers your mapping choices for future imports. If you prefer to manually input actual data, you can simply type in the actual financial results in our ready-to-edit table. Actuals can be entered in any hierarchy level, from the total expense line to a single employee line.

Pre-defined import definitions for use with various accounting software

Choose from many pre-defined import definitions for reports from Quickbooks, Xero, Intacct, SAP Business One, Priority, and more.

Budget vs. actuals reporting

As you enter actuals, you will see immediately how the results compare to the budget. A flexible budget vs. actual report and a rolling forecast report are available instantly to present the variance between the two.

What-if scenarios

  • Differential Scenarios
  • Budget and Scenario auto-sync
  • Budget vs. Scenario Reporting
  • Persistent visibility of differences between budget and scenarios

What-if scenarios

Differential Scenarios

Create a What-if scenario by simply changing individual assumptions that are different from the base budget. All the other assumptions and budget parameters are seamlessly used to create your alternative scenario. You can change any discrete assumption or change high-level assumptions such as delaying revenues by a quarter or increasing engineering expenses by 15%.

Budget and Scenario auto-sync

Your budget and all related scenarios are always in sync. Changes made to the base budget are automatically applied to each scenario without any effort on your part. So the scenario variants you are working on are always up to date with your budget.

Budget vs. Scenario Reporting

A differential view of the Budget vs. Scenario is instantly available to present and highlight the variance between the two. Reports and graphical dashboard views are also available for each scenario.

Persistent visibility of differences between budget and scenarios

Keep track of your scenario changes: When working on a scenario, Budgeta allows you to clearly see which lines were added, which were modified and which were deleted.

Version Control

  • Auto-Saved Versions
  • Viewing and Reverting
  • View and audit changes
  • Manually Saved Versions

Version Control

Auto-Saved Versions

Budgeta automatically keeps older versions of your budget while you are working, so you can always go back to your work from today, last week and even last month.

Viewing and Reverting

You can view older versions, and see the differences between them and the base budget. If you’d like to revert to an older version of the budget it can be transformed to be the actual budget with a click.

View and audit changes

For each budget line, view a change log including the user who made the change.

Manually Saved Versions

A snapshot of the budget can be taken whenever you choose in order to save a version of the budget whenever you need. This version is never auto-deleted.


  • Budget Sharing
  • Comments
  • Auto-synced changes


Budget Sharing

You can share the whole budget or any part of it, share a department or a single line simply by entering your colleagues’ email addresses. Users can have a variety of permissions including “View Only”, “Can Modify” or “See dashboard only”. Sheets like P&L and Balance Sheet can be restricted from viewing and you can also hide sensitive headcount information. You can change permission settings at any time.


Each user can add comments to an account. These comments are visible to all shared users of the budget.

Auto-synced changes

Every change made to a budget is visible to all shared users in real time including changes in the budget line items, scenarios and versions.

Supporting tools

  • Excel Importing
  • Setup Guide
  • Budget Navigator
  • Lock Mode

Supporting tools

Excel Importing

Easily import data from your existing spreadsheet, budget, headcount report or customer data . Our smart import tool will guide you and automatically detect format. You can map rows and columns into the budget as values or as drivers to the built-in models.

Setup Guide

The Budgeta set-up guide will help you track your progress in creating your budget across a number of dimensions including headcount, sharing, scenario planning, reporting, etc. The guide makes it easy to see what you’ve done and what remains to be done while providing contextual help along the way.

Budget Navigator

The budget navigator will help you easily navigate between the assumptions of a model by quickly showing you things like where an assumption is used, what models are driving a specific revenue line or where the assumptions in a formula are taken from.

Lock Mode

Budgeta has an integrated safety feature to allow you to prevent any changes to an approved and final budget. Lock mode and be turned on and off at your discretion. Even while in locked mode, users can view reports, dashboards and can update actuals and scenarios.


Add a flag, with or without a comment, to any budget line you wish. A flag will remind you to get back to it later.

Budget templates

Make any budget into a template, save it into a file and let others load it and change it to fit their specific needs.

Online Help

Located in the main toolbar, our Help is always available. You can use the tutorial, find answers to user questions and get tips and guidance on using the application. In addition, throughout Budgeta, look for the question mark icon for on-the-fly tips and guidance.


  • Cloud-based
  • Licensing
  • Security



Budgeta is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere, anytime and from any browser.


Budgeta is free to try with tiered pricing by features and number of editors.


The security of your information is important to us and we use best practices and methods to ensure your data remains safe. In transit, the communication between your computer and our servers is encrypted using SSL. At rest, our database is accessible only from designated servers and utilizes “column-level encryption” to protect any and all sensitive information such as company or employee names. To provide an additional layer of security to your Budgeta account, we employ a two-factor authentication process to verify the identity of users as they sign up, create passwords, or access our system from a new device.