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On to the next chapter – Budgeta is now part of Sage-Intacct

Author: Eran Palmon / On: 12 September

We started Budgeta four years ago with the mission to help the smaller businesses plan and budget.  A task that is important and strategic, and yet it is at the mercy of spreadsheets or controlled by spreadsheet wizards.  Planning and budgeting software for smaller businesses was a green field.

Planning is a complex task that requires a feature rich solution. But, smaller businesses cannot afford to invest too much in the way of infrastructure to solve the problem.  So, our secondary mission was to re-invent the application. Making a business application that is so intuitive and easy to use that it doesn’t require long demos, training, or hand holding. We wanted to allow our customers to just start using the software like they do with any consumer application.

With those visions in mind, we started Budgeta. With a small and dedicated team and help from many good angels, we were manifesting the vision—helping small companies plan and budget while creating self-service software. The road was not always a walk in a rose garden, but fast forward few years, and we have many paying customers across five continents.

Along the way we found a great business partner, Sage Intacct. Intacct started in 1999 with a similar mission—to bring cloud computing to small business finance.  Intacct was very successful, with thousands of customers and over 500 employees, when it became part of the Sage family in 2017. (Sage is the largest tech company traded in the London stock exchange.)

Not only are our markets and missions were closely aligned, our culture is similar. At Budgeta we believe in “people first”. We see customers as partners, and so are our employees.  Together with shareholders, we believe that all the three (customers/employees/shareholders) should share the value and happiness created.  We found a very similar culture in Sage Intacct, and joining forces was natural.

Today Sage Intacct announced the acquisition and the new incarnation of Budgeta—Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning that will expand Sage Intacct’s offerings to a new market.  Now with Sage Intacct, we maintain our passion and continue our mission together—helping smaller businesses plan and budget while creating the next generation of business applications.

As part of Sage Intacct, we will push our vision further and faster.  We are building the Sage Intacct development center in Israel and expanding fast. We look forward to serving our customers together as one company.






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